Kick off meeting in TTK

Image source: RSC Education. Synthesis Explorer.

TTK, Budapest, Hungary

The next visit by INO-HUB Energy R&D team (Tomas Kosicky, Igor Derr and Juan Asenjo) was to Hungarian Academy of Sciences Research Centre TTK (Budapest). TTK and more specifically Denes Konya research group is going to be the INO-HUB Energy partner where different organic electrolytes will be produced and tested. The main disadvantages of vanadium electrolyte (poor availability and volatile prices) point out organic electrolytes as a good candidate for the replacement. So, INO-HUB Energy and TTK agreed on the main requirements of the organic electrolytes (high water solubility, high voltage, fast kinetic and diffusion coefficients and reversibility). Different organic electrolytes was proposed as interesting candidates as well as their synthesis was planned. TTK showed some organic electrolytes and their performance in single cell.


This work was supported by the project: IPCEI_IE_FLOW_BESS_012021