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Our approach

We provide tailor-made commercial solutions for the use of stationary battery storage in combination with a renewable source. The design of the solution focuses on several types of battery systems equipped with an intelligent control system, maximizing the customer’s future economic benefits with cash flow calculation, calculation of return on investment and optimal operation of the proposed solution.

In the field of R&D, our goal is to bring to market a sustainable storage solution as an alternative to lithium, lead and other batteries made with precious metals, i.e. deployment of environmentally friendly batteries without negative effects on the environment. The project was notified by the European Commission within the IPCEI projects to be implemented in 2022-2027.

According to a study by the International Energy Agency and the European Patent Office, the way we can move towards sustainable energy sources and meet our future energy needs is also associated with a 50-fold increase in installed battery capacity and energy storage, which in GWh represents an increase from current 200 GWh to 10,000 GWh by 2040.