Evaluation of the research strategy

TUKE&UPJS Košice, Slovakia

The INO-HUB R&D team visited again Kosice, first the meeting with UPJS took place. During this meeting, a brief introduction to the field of RFB was depicted by InoHub experts. This brief introduction was planned to focalize the strong electrochemistry background of UPJS researchers into the Redox Flow Batteries (RFB) field and InoHub goals. 

Vanadium RFB was used to explain the working principle and the components characteristics of RFB. Then, different characterization techniques for RFB were depicted and how this technique could depict the state of health and performance of the battery. Finally, the role of each component of the battery and how it could affect the battery performance were reviewed. 

After that, the R&D team (with Dmitrij Reschet, Mechanical Engineer at Ino-Hub Energy) visited TUKE facilities to check the first preliminary drawings for the Ino-Hub stack and Ino-Hub lab cell. A fruitful meeting led to further collaboration between both institutions. TUKE engineers will help Ino-Hub with the design and the calculations to speed up the process. After that, UPJS joined the meeting. This is a crucial point because both partners need to work together through the optimization of each component of the stack. In this way a collaboration between UPJS and TUKE will lead to accomplishing all the INO-HUB goals.   


This work was supported by the project: IPCEI_IE_FLOW_BESS_012021