Kick off meeting in UPJS

UPJS, Košice, Slovakia

The INO-HUB Energy R&D team visited one of our most valued partners, Pavol Jozef Safarik University (UPJS). The Dean was there to receive our team showing the high interest to start the collaboration between both institutions. After the warm welcome, our team showed the main objectives of the whole project and especially the tasks that must be developed in UPJS. Here it can be found the bullet point of our collaboration: 

  1. Fluent coordination between UPJS (battery testing), TUKE (battery and components production) and InoHub Energy (battery design and coordinators). 
  1. The main goal is the testing of the 8-10 kW stack with the optimized components. 
  1. Collaboration with the simulations. 

Andrea Strakova presented the background of her research group as well as her researchers (Natalia Prodojkova and Dominika Capkova) showed their work done during their PhD.  

  • High experience on Li/S and Li batteries. 
  • Development of MOF to encapsulate sulfur in the electrode. 
  • Strong expertise on Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and aging of batteries. 
  • Simulation experience. Thermo/electrochemical models and degradation pathways. 

Taking into advantage the strong electrochemistry background shown by Andrea’s group, the testing of new components will be performed by UPJS. Newly designed components such as bipolar plates, flow frames, among others will be evaluated using InoHub lab-cell in order to optimize their performance by iteration. So, the design of the components as well as the cell design will ensure a great battery performance.  Initially, the testing will be focused on Vanadium Flow Batteries but in the future other chemistries will be evaluated such as new organic electrolytes. 


This work was supported by the project: IPCEI_IE_FLOW_BESS_012021