Kick off meeting TUKE

Image source: European Space Agency.

TUKE, Košice, Slovakia

After the fruitful kick off meeting in UPJS (Kosice). The INO-HUB Energy R&D visited Technical University of Kosice (TUKE) facilities. Another important partner from the design and simulation point of view. The main goals of this collaboration are: 

  1. Fluent coordination between UPJS (battery testing), TUKE (battery and components production) and InoHub Energy (battery design and coordinators). 
  1. Main goal: Prepare 8 kW stack. 
  1. Different techniques will be considered for each component’s production, for example: End plates, current collector (milling), distribution plate (3D printing, injection molding, milling), cell-frame (milling, injection molding, extrusion). 
  1. Optimization of the different components. For example, testing of different composition for the bipolar plates (CNT, use 3D-printer), sealing concept (welding, gluing). 

The amazing equipment and engineer team showed the importance and the power of this partner. From TUKE, the design and development of different components of the kW RFB will be done. Besides, their engineers could help with the simulation of important parameters such as the voltage and flow distribution along the stack. Again, the goals of the INO-HUB Energy were depicted as well as the point where TUKE team can push to fulfill INO-HUB Energy objectives. TUKE will design InoHub lab-cell as well as the optimized components. This new device and components will be evaluated by our other partner in Kosice, UPJS. In this way, a close relationship between the production and the evaluation will ensure the optimization of each component and the whole device. 


This work was supported by the project: IPCEI_IE_FLOW_BESS_012021