Scalling-up of the kW systems

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Online Meeting

The UPJS and INO-HUB Energy held an online meeting with Pinflow Energy Storage. PFES is going to be the battery equipment provider, so a close relationship is expected to speed up the purchase process. During this meeting, the specifications for the kW test rig and the lab test rigs were discussed. 

KW stack:  

40 cells, small crane will be bought to move the stack (weight > 100 kg), hydraulic press and chemical resistant table will be offered. 

Components replacements: Membrane and bipolar plates sealings must be replaced once the stack gets open. 

Electrolyte: 250 L of Vanadium electrolyte will be provided by Pinflow.  

Reference electrodes: They must have replaceable electrolyte.  

Training: Pinflow will provide a training session about the stack set up and the software. 

The stack will be delivered as soon as possible to start with the experimental results. 


This work was supported by the project: IPCEI_IE_FLOW_BESS_012021