Stack design evaluation for inner perimeter sealing  

Follow-up to our previous article is finally here.

The next step was to evaluate the design for internal leakages.

Internal leakages means the cross flow from one half-cell to the other half-cell of the stack.

In this experiment we used water that was pumped into one of the half cells and measured if water was also coming out of the second outlet.

Pressure sensors and flow sensors were introduced on the in- and outlet of the stack.

In this experiment we found that there were internal leakages that needed to be addressed.

During the next experiments we found that the pressure on the inlet was to high compared to the calculated flow.

After disassembling the stack we could see that the sealing was clogging the inlet of the cell.

The sealing was deformed by the inlet structure of the frame.

This was addressed by adjusting the frame design.

This adjusted design is now being produced by our manufacturing partners for further testing.


This work was supported by the project: IPCEI_IE_FLOW_BESS_012021